You have the power to heal yourself. Are you ready?



You've done it, I've done it... We've believed what we were told by the 'experts'.

What percentage of your family, friends and co-workers are living with a 'disease' that they are content to live with? They're even willing to take harmful pharmaceuticals for the rest of their lives because they were told they had to. Maybe you're on a cocktail of pills yourself, the good news is that you can cure yourself. You can back right out of almost any health issue that is destroying your quality of life.

My mission at Farmacy is to help people realize that they can heal themselves. Heal yourself, heal your family and friends, heal without toxic chemicals. God gave us everything we need to be healthy, including a body that is always striving for homeostasis, to be healthy and balanced. He made our bodies to regenerate themselves when we eat real food. 

Detoxify, alkalize and regenerate your cells with food. Add powerful support with naturally growing herbs made to strengthen specific glands and organs. It's all here, growing all around us, not made in a factory and wrapped in cellophane. 

Eat real food and win.




The Protocol

Change is hard. Everyone wants a pill they can pop for instant relief. If I have a headache, there's a pill for that! My thyroid doesn't work any more, there's a pill for that! I have cancer, we'll dump acid on it! The medical industry today has a treatment for any and every symptom. If the red pill doesn't work, try the blue pill! You have one body and everything works together, lets fix the root cause of problems, not take dangerous pills to just hide the symptoms.

Curing yourself is actually very easy, but it is a change. A big change. 

It really is very simple, and quite delicious at the same time. Are you ready? Fruit.


“There's almost no food or medicine more powerful than the simple berry." .”

Matthew Kelly  |  farmacy Founder

Bowl of berries.jpg

Why Fruit?

Yes, fruit is the not so secret tool to detoxification and regeneration. How could that be, it's surrounds us, it's in all supermarkets and farmers markets, it's grown in some form around so much of the world, how can that be the tool to cure our ailments?

Fruit contains all the elements our bodies need to hydrate, cleanse, feed and protect. What does that leave our bodies without? Nothing. 

What about veggies? Vegetables are great, and there's a time and place for them, but not as much during detoxification, especially if you are in dire straights. The main thing lacking from vegetables that prevents them from being part of a proper detoxification protocol is astringency. We have very astringent fruits that pull on the acid waste in your lymphatic system that's breaking down your cells and causing the issues at hand. It seems too simple, but... Fruit.



Everyone knows hydration is key, we need to drink enough! Did you know though that you can be dehydrated at a cellular level due to interstitial lymphatic stagnation? Your interstitial fluid around every cell needs to stay clean so that it can move and do its job properly. Without this, you will be dehydrating without even knowing it, and 32 ounces of water can't fix this problem. Fruits take hydration to our cells and into our cells at a level far higher than water can, and it tastes much better!



Fruit, especially the most acidic (which are alkaline in our system, confusing right now, I know :) are the most cleansing in our system. They are the most alkalizing foods and work to clean our lymphatic system and get it moving so that we can get cellular wastes out. Fruits are the real scrubbers in our system, and a dirty system is the root cause of all 'disease'.



Fruits are what mankind was made to eat. Genetically and anatomically we are closest to primates who also eat fruits. We are not omnivores, herbivores or carnivores and you can tell this by just comparing each to our bodies, digestive systems and lifestyles. Fruit is full of phytonutrients which gives our body the ability to fight disease and fend off other threats. Fruits are carbohydrates and give our bodies the cleanest fuel we can burn!



Fruit protects our bodies in so many ways. It protects us by helping clear acid waste from our lymphatic system. It helps fight against disease and viruses with the delivery of phytonutrients and antioxidants. Fruit has the highest levels of vitamin C and the delivery system to make sure it's absorbed, not like supplements. Fruit is full of enzymes which make it break down quickly and easily saving your digestive system from robbing energy to break down heavy foods. And this is just scratching the surface.


Herbs are God's gift to mankinds health and wellness. 


Why Herbs?

Herbs are just plants with medicinal uses. They're everywhere, we just don't see them. They will be growing in your lawn (plantain) or growing in the cracks of sidewalks (dandelion). We spray many of them treating them like weeds and walk past others not knowing their unbelievable ability to strengthen areas of our body.

Herbs have been mankind's medicine cabinet since creation. It's only in the last 150 years that we have switched to toxic chemicals to manipulate the body, in mostly adverse ways. Why would we switch to dangerous pharmaceuticals rather than what God gave us? You likely guessed it, there's much more money to be made in pharmaceuticals.

John Hopkins research says that 'medical errors' are responsible for 250,000 deaths per year, that's the third leading cause of death in the USA. How many people die supporting their bodies with herbs? None that we have ever heard of. It's up to you, use the herbs given to us which strengthen and support specific glands and organs or roll the dice with your GP.